You Got the Yard Sale Leftover Team Parent

No one else stepped forward so I had to do it. Here is the email I just sent to all the parents:

Greetings, Shark families!!
I’m your hapless team mom! I am seriously going to disappoint all of you if you have any expectations. I’m in school full time and have two energetic (hyperactive) young boys. But I’m here, yes?
The team website, which will be disorganized and updated infrequently is up. The address is ++++++++++++++.  Please fill in your information where there are gaps. I will put snack assignments on there when I get the dates… maybe a few days after… and there will be typos. I will also add nonsensical boxed wine and cheesecake assignments late in the evenings.
Let me know if you have any questions and I will quickly make up something that sounds professional. PLEASE take pictures and upload them onto the team site or else I’ll have to upload pictures of shark attack victims and no one wants that. Right. So. See y’all Saturday! I’ll be late.
When I asked my husband if I should be team parent, he said “no.”
Michelle Borden, Team Parent

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